The Operations Committee is comprised of 23 police, fire, and EMS personnel, one from each Dakota 911 Member law enforcement agency and fire department as well as one representative from the Dakota County EMS Council. Each Member of Dakota 911 will have a maximum of two votes on the Operations Committee – one from the law enforcement agency and one from the fire agency of that Member.

Currently the Operations Committee meets as a whole, with two subcommittees: the Law Enforcement Operations Committee and the Fire/EMS Operations Committee. The purpose of the two sub-committees it to cover the high volume of start up topics related to law enforcement, fire, and EMS personnel (radio selection, building design, dispatch policies, etc).

The Operations Committee has many functions and duties including serving as:

  • Personal contact at each Dakota 911 member’s law enforcement or fire/EMS department for the Executive Director for daily procedural and operational issues; and
  • A resource to the Executive Committee in researching special topics of interest; coordinate field training and back-up exercises.