The Executive Committee consists of 12 members – an Administrator or Manager from each participating jurisdiction. Each Member will have one seat on the Executive Committee and be entitled to one vote, (with the Chair of the Executive Committee entitled to a second vote in case of a tie). The Chair is Logan Martin, City Administrator of Rosemount and the Vice-Chair is Dan Wietecha, Hastings City Administrator.


Primary Rep


Alternate Rep


Apple Valley

Tom Lawell

City Administrator

Charles Grawe

Assistant City Administrator


Gregg Lindberg

City Manager

BJ Jungmann

Fire Chief

Dakota County

Matt Smith

County Manager

BJ Battig

Risk and Homeland Security Manager


Dianne Miller

City Administrator

Sarah Alig

Assistant City Administrator


Lynn Gorski

City Administrator

Julie Flaten

Assistant City Administrator


Dan Wietecha

City Administrator

Kelly Murtaugh

Assistant City Administrator

Inver Grove Heights

Kris Wilson

City Administrator

Heather Rand

Community Development Director


Justin Miller

City Administrator

Allyn Kuennen

Assistant City Administrator

Mendota Heights

Cheryl Jacobson

City Administrator

Ryan Ruzek

Director of Public Works


Logan Martin

City Administrator

Emmy Foster

Assistant City Administrator

South St. Paul

Ryan Garcia

Acting City Administrator

Brian Wicke

Police Chief

West St. Paul

Nathan Burkett

City Manager

Brian Sturgeon

Police Chief

The Executive Committee has many functions and duties including:

  • Carry out the policy decisions of the Board of Directors and make recommendations to the Board of Directors;
  • Review all administrative decisions concerning personnel, development efforts, operations, cost sharing, and operational decisions made by the Executive Director as deemed necessary by the Committee; and
  • Review, modify, and approve to the proposed annual operating and capital budgets prepared by the Executive Director prior to submittal to Board of Directors.