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Dakota 911 dispatchers respond to emergency and non-emergency calls 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Dispatchers provide communication and dispatch support for police, fire, emergency and other related services. Dakota 911 dispatchers are fully trained as both call takers and dispatchers allowing each dispatcher to satisfy any need at any time.  Dispatchers also provide additional services including Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL), pre-arrival instructions for medical and fire calls, Community Notifications, Outdoor Warning Siren Activation and warrant confirmations.  

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Dakota 911 organization was established late 2005 through a Joint Powers Agreement between Dakota County and eleven cities located within the County. In 2004 the High Performance Partnerships (HiPP) project, conducted by the Dakota County cities and county, identified the need for the development of a centralized public safety answering point (PSAP) and dispatch center. A combination of factors – attention to homeland security, upgrades in technology, the readiness of various governmental units to act, the availability of grant money, and the financial benefits to participating governments served to bring the idea to reality.

Dakota 911 is guided by a complex governance structure with three distinct committees including the Board of Directors (elected officials), the Executive Committee (city/county chief administrators), and the Operations Committee (law enforcement, fire, and EMS personnel). In addition, multiple task forces, comprised of members from the three Committees and stakeholders (law enforcement, fire, EMS, dispatch personnel), have been formed to address start up issues. Nearly 120 persons have been a part of the DCC development process, involved in many aspects including creating policies, designing the facility, identifying personnel needs, and much more. The governance structure reflects the desire of our Members to retain local decision making in a centralized service.

In 2006 construction of the facility began and was completed in late 2007. The DCC is equipped with a new 800 megahertz digital radio communications system to allow police, fire, EMS and sheriff’s personnel in multiple jurisdictions to communicate with each other, enhancing the interoperability of radio systems among all first responders. The Dakota County system is part of a metropolitan wide network, which is being expanded to greater Minnesota.

In addition to hard-wire home phones that are automatically registered, Residents and Businesses in Dakota County can use the Dakota 911 website to self-register their cellular and other contact telephone numbers, along with email addresses, they would like alerted in the event of an emergency in the area of their Dakota County residence or business.